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  • ISO auditing and Implementation:  Companies have three years from January 1, 2015 to implement new ISO Standards
  • Mixture Designs
  • Lean Six Sigma training and implementation
  • Change Management
  • Competitive Intelligence, Dashboards & and Benchmarking/Balanced Score Cards
  • Creating a Lean Ready and Six Sigma Culture
  • Data Collection & Training
  • AQL-Acceptable Quantity Lot
  • Design of Experiment with Two or More Response Variables
  • Gage R&R
  • Hoshin Kanri
  • Lean Assessment
  • TPM Assessment
  • Regression Analysis
  • 3 and 5-Day Kaizen Blitzes
  • Leadership
  • Improving Operational Performance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management                                                                                   score-carding
  • Supplier Quality Assurance
  • Aligning Quality Initiatives
  • Calculating Cost of Poor Quality
  • Project Development & Sampling Strategies
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Using Financial Measures (Forensics)                                                                                 to Analyze Performance

Using experiential-effective Adult Learning techniques we CUSTOMIZE the engagement Employees work and fix on-site PROJECTS!


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Police Department Payroll Process


                                                                          This project was one of four projects that were

                                                                          being project-managed by Business Coaches:                                                                                 Linda Windsor, and Carlos Conejo, LSSMBB.  

                                                                           The Problem:  The payroll was taking                                                                                              approximately 40 hours to complete, every two                                                                                weeks.  There were no written procedures.  


Everything was "tribal knowledge," cumbersome with required multiple signature approvals.  

The Police Chief was even approving time cards!  Through a one-week Kaizen Blitz, the process was analyzed by a cross-functional team with city employees from Parks & Recreation, Fleet Services, Fire Department, Sanitation, Licensing & Permits.  

The Results: We were able to get the process down to 2 hours and eventually down to zero with a direct link into the City's ERP system.


Oakley Brands Optical & Designer Eyewear Process Improvement

     This particular division of Luxotica International needed to 

     improve cycle time to match Daily Customer Demand (TAKT time) requirements in prescription department manufacturing process.  This was one of four projects that our Business Coach, Carlos Conejo, LSSMBB was project managing.  Three Black Belts were under his encouraging guidance.  The current lab turn-around time to complete retailer orders was 91.5% On Time Delivery (OTD), and the goal was to increase the On Time Delivery to 95%, and meet retailer requirements of orders delivered within 7 days.  Through a Lean/Six Sigma six-week project, we were able to improve the turn-around time to 98% of the orders delivered within 5 days instead of 7!  This increased flow and throughput  represented an additional $12 million in new business revenue.


Best Practices and Shared Solutions

Sensei is a Japanese word for "teacher."  The literal translation is: "guide" or "one who has gone before!"  In this spirit of guiding our clients through, sometimes treacherous paths, we submit several "Success Stories" and "Best Practices."   As we coach and mentor we create new students of the Continuous Improvement philosophy.  Eventually, the students become the teachers.  Hence the progression of the different-colored belts in six sigma: white, yellow, orange, green, black and Master black belts