New President, Russia, FBI Scandal, Threat of Nuclear War - All these are distractions that can negatively impact our state-of-mind.
How many of us are glued to the news every waking moment of the day or waiting to see what happens after January 20th?
Don't do this to yourself, to your family and to your business! 

Now is the time to take the bull-by-the-horns and create, finish, and implement your Success Plan for 2017! 

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public sector Edition:                                                                                                                                             Gaining Collective Bargaining Buy-in for Workplace Cultural Transformation

Last month we talked about how management’s only job is to manage an effective culture.  In this month’s Part 2, we will show you what it takes to conduct “heavy-lifting” to ensure a solid transformation.

The Toyota Production System looks at Inspection as a waste - Muda!

Just as in Set-up reduction, the best set-up is “no-set-up,” And so it is that the best inspection is “NO INSPECTION!”

If you are relying on In-Process Inspection, like a few of my clients. Then you are adding all kinds of waste, on top of waste.

What's important is to build-in quality at the source.  If your operation is sophisticated enough - build in quality at the engineering phase.  This is called Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). 


Benchmarking is the process of looking at one system and applying the concepts observed to our own system.  Part of benchmarking is knowledge sharing.

The idea is to go to another place of business that can be similar, but doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly the same kind of business.  People are sometimes more open-minded if they are looking at an organization that would not be considered a competitor. Sharing knowledge and looking at things with a new eye is beneficial for both parties.

Inspection is a Waste of Time!

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma (Part 1)

When City of Tulare, City Manager, Don Dorman, wanted to implement a new continuous Improvement initiative with the goal of becoming an excellent local government, he soon realized that he was talking a language that no one else seemed to be sharing with him.

The challenge was to get everyone on the same page and communicate what improvement meant, and how to move from their current state to the next level of excellence.

There are seven classic identifiable types of waste, or Muda. It doesn't matter if we are building cars or processing building permits. 


SMED (Part 1) Single Minute Exchange of Die, is a methodology that reduces a machine changeover or set-up. 

The rule of thumb is: The Best Set-up... is NO SET-UP. 

Lean Six Sigma Specialists BLOG

Target Machine Set-up and Changeover Reduction by 50% ... to Increased Capacity!

So you want to kick-off and develop a new culture at your city or county? 

You want to build bench-strength and have great plans about transforming your workforce and having people work together in cross-functional teams to improve operational performance.

Are you ready for 2017?