Agencies, Cities & municipalities that have implemented LeanSix

California - Ventura County
Applying Lean and Six Sigma since 2008 to improving Government processes and service
Colorado - Denver
Denver, Colorado's Peak Performance Initiative
Florida - Jacksonville
Jacksonville LEAN Consortium
Iowa - Des Moines Public Schools
"Continuous Improvement journey with QPIC"
Kentucky - Louisville
Performance Improvement & Innovation
Maryland : Baltimore
Baltimore Lean Government Initiative
Michigan - Grand Rapids
City of Grand Rapids’ Lean Thinking
Ohio, Lakewood
 Lean Six Sigma Efforts
Oklahoma, Tulsa
MAAP - Maximizing And Advancing Performance Office
Texas - Dallas
Dallas Center for Performance Excellence:
Texas - Denton
Denton’s LEAN Journey
Texas - Houston
Lean Six Sigma Training
Texas - Tyler
Innovation/ Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma In The News

Virginia - Roanoke
The City of Roanoke, Virginia recognizes the importance of change and how embracing change improves business processes
Washington - King County,
Lean process information and resources for county employees
Excellent King County Lean blog:
Wisconsin - Brown County’s Lean Management
Brown County’s Lean Management
Lean Construction
 Series of Articles on Lean Construction

       LEAN Government International:

Canada, Saskatchewan
Think Lean
Saskatchewan Provincial Health System
Better Health
Australia Melbourne,
City of Melbourne: pushing the boundaries of lean management
The UK National Audit Office (NAO)
Maturity of process management in central government
UK - Department of Communities and Local Government Continuous Improvement Strategy
Canada, New Brunswick
Performance Excellence

GovOps Lean Site
Colorado :
At the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), we are improving our operations so that we can deliver excellent services. More.......
Lean CT with very helpful materials for Lean Government:
Lean is a collection of principles, methods and tools that improve the speed and efficiency of any process by eliminating waste

Lean Business Process Improvement in the
Executive Branch
Maryland :
State Stat - statewide metrics dashboard
Office of Continuous Quality Improvement
Michigan's Statewide Lean Effort:
Lean Process Improvement

Leading examples of metrics dashboards (you can also drill down to city dashboards)
Lean is a coordinated state government initiative for improving the organizational performance and results.
New Hampshire:
 Department of Administrative Services
Lean Ohio is all about creating simpler, faster, and more cost-effective services through the use of Lean, Kaizen, and Six Sigma
Rhode Island
Rhode Island moves forward with Lean under Governor Raimondo's leadership:
Washington State
Lean provides proven principles that help Washington state government.  More............
Accomplishments Lean improvements across state government
The State launched a Lean Government initiative in May 2012
Wisconsin Lean Government Initiative

Federal Level:
Department of Defense
Department of Defense Continuous Process Improvement & Lean Six Sigma Guidebook
Lean Six Sigma in DOD
EPA's Lean Government Initiative
The Environmental Professional Guide to Lean Six Sigma
Lean Government Methods Guide 2013

The City of Fort Wayne Indiana is known as the Mother of Continuous Improvement when they kicked off their Street Lights project in 2008.  Since then other agencies, cities and municipalities have successfully tried and implemented Lean Six Sigma projects.   LEAN- is a process for identifying what we call the Seven Cardinal Wastes that are found in any system. 

These wastes include:

1.  Defects: The effort involved in inspecting for and fixing defects
2.  Overproduction: Making more than what is needed, or making it earlier than needed
3.  Transportation: Moving products further than is minimally required
4.  Waiting: Products waiting on the next production step, or people waiting for work to do
5.  Inventory: Having more inventory than is minimally required
6.  Motion: People moving or walking more than minimally required
7. Processing Itself

Besides eliminating wasteciples of Lean Thinking:

1.  Specify value in the eyes of the customer
2.  Identify the value stream and eliminate waste
3.  Make value flow at the pull of the customer
4.  Involve and empower employees
5.  Continuously improve in the pursuit of perfection

Which leads us to Six Sigma, which is eliminating the variation in a process, and looks at Statistical Process Control Methodology and the DMAIC Process to center the process, any process, and make it more predictable.

Check out this video on using Lean Methodology in Policing: